Network Solutions Tailored For Your Business

Myocom Services

Services offered by Myocom include:

  • Technical support for all aspects of computer networks
  • Remote Helpdesk and network support
  • Network maintenance programs tailored to the individual needs of each business
  • Hardware and software sales at competitive prices

Technical Support

We are able to provide technical support for any issues that may arise with your Microsoft (MS) Windows network. Specialising in Windows network environments allows us to draw on our experience of similar networks to pre-empt possible problems and efficiently rectify issues that occur.

Even though we specialise in Windows networks we are able to work with other network environments, including Unix, to allow connecting between different technologies. This also includes different LAN and WAN technologies to provide interconnectivity between offices and the Internet.

The main elements that we provide support for include:

  • MS Windows Server
  • MS Windows desktop operating systems
  • MS Exchange Server and MS Outlook (Email)
  • MS SQL Server (Database)
  • MS Terminal Services
  • Antivirus and Anti-SPAM solutions
  • Integration with 3rd party applications such as specialised accounting, legal and medical packages
  • Support for peripherals such as printers, faxes and scanners
  • Internet and remote site connections
  • Network infrastructure such as switches and routers
  • User account administration
  • Backup and redundancy
  • Network security

For clients that may not require the Network Maintenance Program, we provide technical support, as needed, at an hourly rate.

We also provide consulting services to fulfil a specific project or to audit the current network and determine any deficiencies and potential problems, such as security and redundancy plans.

We are happy to work alongside your existing IT support staff to supplement their expertise and provide additional support in times when it is needed.

Remote Support

Utilising remote support, either by telephone or remote access to the network, we are able to provide support in a more timely manner. This minimises interruptions to the users of the network and removes the need for travel charges.

Network Maintenance Program

The Proactive Network Maintenance Program provided by Myocom seeks to balance the advantages of proactive preventative maintenance with the inevitable need for reactive support which requires unscheduled technical support to troubleshoot issues. Basically, we monitor the network and fix any issues we find during scheduled maintenance. This means that issues are usually found and dealt with before they cause interruptions to users. Sometimes there is the odd problem that arises that we need to fix as it occurs.

The Maintenance Programs monthly charge reflects this by having a set price for the month that provides a limited number of extra hours of support when necessary, without extra charge, to act as a safeguard for unseen events.

One of the main advantages of the Network Maintenance Program is that issues are fixed as they occur. Because you don't need to worry about getting a bill, at an hourly rate, every time you ask for support, you can call us as problems occur to have them fixed, instead of waiting for a long list of problems to occur to make it worth while before calling for support.

The Proactive Network Maintenance Program allows us to provide you with a virtual IT department, but without the costs associated with full time IT staff.

Hardware and software sales

As well as offering network support, we also supply hardware, software and licensing at competitive prices. By choosing to purchase through Myocom you have the peace of mind knowing that all aspects involved with the acquisition, installation and maintenance of the products will be dealt with by a single agent that is focused on completing the project in a timely manner and to the clients satisfaction.

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